Does Anyone Have Experience With Canada Geese & Lasers?

From The WpN Podcast Archives Recorded  April 25 2008

And I’ll tell you the key to doing a harassment program is nighttime harassment with lasers. There is just nothing that works better because –

Robb Russell: What type of laser?

KIRK LAPIERRE: Yeah. Green lasers. The best –

Robb : Green?

MR. LAPIERRE: Well, let me make a disclaimer on this. The government has tested and approved only one laser for use on geese and that’s called the Avian Dissuader.

They took it out to Sandusky. You know, they did the test type of thing where they held the geese in a pen, you know, and held the head locked in a position and shot them with these lasers in his eyes for 30 minutes and found there to be no damage whatsoever to the birds. Their retinas were fine. They could see. Everything was good. So they made an approval and that company can put that on their product.

However, research has shown that a simple pointer, green laser pointer, is ten times more effective at chasing these geese.

However — and here’s the disclaimer part — no testing has been done on those green lasers on their eyes, so they’re not approved. They’re not disapproved either. No one has said you can’t use them, but no one has said you could. So if there was ever a question about it, I’m not trying to tout you and tell you go out and buy a green laser, you know, if you want to be one up — simply go on the up and up. The problem I found with that red laser, you can’t see the beam. You can only see the dot.

Although The dissuader is a beautiful product and I bless them every day for what they did, it’s you know, over $1,000 but it’s got a couple of features. It’s got a safety on it, which they wanted, and it makes a very, very large dot. At a distance it can almost be the size a basketball, you know, down there. It’s not a little tiny dot. But you got to find that dot and you got to find the geese in the dark to get them with that dot, whereas with the green lasers there is two things. First off, they’re unlimited in distance. I mean, you could hit the moon with that thing. No problem. If there was somebody up on the moon, they’d see the dot by their feet. The other thing is you can see the entire beam, and it’s so bright too. So it’s like a stick that could be a mile long or 500 feet long or whatever it is that you need to be, a lit up stick. The geese see it too, and they don’t just see the beam — I mean the dot. They see that entire beam. I mean, you can go over their head and they’ll duck because they think it’s a physical object coming at them. And it also illuminates and so you can put it over a pond and instead of having to use spotlights, you can light up the water and see where those geese are, you know, when you hit them.

Nothing has moved geese faster, you know. And I’ve seen a lot of like lake communities where 20 residents will each go out and each buy one of these, you know, $100 lasers and end their problem in a week simply by hitting them at night, because if they’re there at night, they’re imprinted to that spot and nothing in the world is going to move them. They feel safe. But those lasers take that safety away from them.

Now, if it injures them, I don’t know. I don’t think it does. I think you’d have to hold the geese down and shoot them in the eyeball, you know, for a certain period of time. but the green lasers are rated as an eye hazard whereas the red lasers are not, so I just wanted to say be a little cautious with it. But it’s phenomenally effective. If there’s a property that has the geese there during the day and at night both, they don’t need to do any daytime harassment.

Just do the night harassment because if they don’t have their safety spot they’re not going to stay there during the day anymore either, you know. And believe it or not, the green lasers will work during the daytime too.

They’re that bright.